Monday, July 21, 2008

I purchased a trampoline over the weekend. I always read they were so hard to put up, but it seemed very easy. It took my husband and son around two hours from box to jumping. My son got in and immediatly started doing flips and landed with his neck in a bad position. He has a sore neck but that is all. I thought "Great, I buy a trampoline and kill my son" . In other news my husband called this morning and wanted to know what my firefighter son's phone number was, he needed to get in touch with him. Didn't say why, but I could hear the emergency in his voice. As it turns out a firefighter\paramedic in the next neighborhood over was shot and killed while responding to a fire. Some bastard shot him after lighting his own vehicle and house on fire. I guess he was some lunatic, but it makes me so angry. Bless the firefighter he was only twenty-two years old with one year on the job.

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