Saturday, January 31, 2009

St Louis Worlds Fair 1904

Thank-you to my mom for giving me these spoons she had from the 1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis. And no she didn't get them personally, but was given them from an aunt. And thank-you to my sisters and brother for not having any interest in anything from history, or the past, so I get all the good stuff! You guys rock!

the drive to work on Wednesday.

I work here.

I got to be with three of the Grands

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter has come to Missouri

I know northern Missouri has already had its share of winter, but this is new to those of us in Southeast Missouri. We woke to ice and snow, but somehow managed to arrive at work early. Of course it helps to be driven in, and dropped off at the door by Mark. I took pictures to post and now I can't find my cable to attach to pc, so I will post those later. The pictures are for a certain granddaughter residing in Orange County, Calif. note to Claire: you poor thing, I know you have school today, and if you were here you would not. you could sleep late, then dress warm and take to the hills with a tobaggan or a saucer. You could fly down the hill in the back of our house, landing in a heap of snow and ice. The ice crystals could freeze on your gloves, incasing them in a layer of crust that would make the gloves stand on their own when you pulled them from your hand. Your face would be red from the excitement and probably the cold, but that's ok, cause for a while you wouldn't be able to feel your face anyway. And when your feet could not take anymore, you could come inside for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Claire, I feel so bad for you. I mean you are at school today, and what then? you come home and what can you do? Go to the beach? Really? But you might get sand in your hair! And aren't you getting tired of all that warm weather? Come to Misery, I mean Missouri!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is it about the man and his ego? I work with two guys in an office. Now they are both nice guys, nothing obviously wrong with their mental capacities. But when confronted with the opposite sex, (I don't count, I'm grandfathered in) they honestly believe these women are hitting on them. Before I get too far into this let me draw you a mental picture. One skinny, one not. People, we are talking average computer nerds. And ok, I'm right in there with them but we are not talking about me are we?

But let these two walk into an office with some attractive girls, they really, really think "Hi, we are so glad to see you" means "I want you" and not the true "where have you jerks been my computer hasn't been working for hours" When I get through scoffing at them they have actually said when a female puts their hair behind their ears when talking to you, it means she like you. Holy Mother! I have to remind you these guys are not in grade school, although that is their maturity level most times. These guys think that waitresses are really coming on to them, and not just working for tips. They are to be pitied.

I have been a witness to people actually coming on to someone. And you are right it wasn't me, but a friend in the hospital's business office. She is pretty, and blonde, and bombshell. Once when I was walking with her, I mentioned how I must look pretty good today cause all these guys are turning their heads to get another look at us! She just said "what?" And seriously she never even notices. Once one of the directors keep looking back at her while walking and ran right into a telephone pole. I don't think the girl has ever had to open a door on her own. She is hit on all the time, and is going through life just thinking "aren't people nice?"

So conclusion: if you think people are sending subliminal come-ons to you, it probably just isn't so.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday night

We are having a bit of a heat wave, it has reached a balmy 20 degrees today. Got to love that global warming! After the weekly visit to Lowes, where my peeps hang out, we went to Sams. I don't have a card mainly cause I do not subscribe to the idea of paying to shop. But I will say to hell with my scruples, and enter with someone else who does have a card. And to tell the truth I just don't get it, the prices of items didn't seem like such a good deal to me. At least not for a family that has dwindled down to two. Then we ran over to Walmart, and I found out where the majority of Capes population spends their Saturday. As we passed others that we knew, we could only shake our heads and repeat "what the hell were we thinking"

So back home we went, the wind blowing my coat straight back like supermans cape. Wow, that wind blows right through you. I'm not leaving the house again unless I really, really have to go. Like maybe a chocolate run or something. It was nice that my eldest son called, we don't hear from him all that often. And how great to hear how nice it was by the ocean, with the waves coming in and the kids playing in the surf. So after he hung up and I bundle up in a down comfortor, I was thinking maybe I should warm up by cleaning or by refinishing some furniture. But that comforter (is it comfortor, comforter?) well let's just say blanket, is so great, I think I'll just hibernate here for the day.

Tomorrow we travel to St Louis so Mark can visit his brother who has had a stroke. He is in a rehab facility, and we have every hope he'll recover. So we will visit with my second grandchild Abbey. She is little miss independent, and so funny to be around. And you know how some kids are climbers, well she is a great one. I think we'll have to start looking around for a climbing wall for her. When do the garage sales begin again?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Blues

I've been listening to the blues at work, and it suits my mood. Now I love the blues any time but when you've been stuck in a room without windows, it's cold outside, and there are pc's to fix all around you, the blues seem right. Ruth Brown, Honeyboy Edwards, buddy guy, BB, Bonnie Raitt, they are all here keeping me company.

I have the feeling I am suppose to have done something but I can't remember what that something is. It's a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I don't believe I've promised anything I haven't delivered. Mostly cause I don't promise things. Can I blame everything on the fact that it is January? The only good thing that has ever happened in January is the birth of Ian Christopher, and while that was very good, it happened at the beginning of January. So it could have been the leftover good times from December. After the first week, it is pretty much downhill from there. February is better, but for some reason March sucks. I think cause it should be starting to be nice out but usually isn't. I believe if I used this time to regroup, redecorate, well just plain keep busy, I wouldn't be in such a pissy mood. But that is not happening. Last weekend Mark was gone, I was at home and I hardly accomplished a thing. Unless watching Monk on USA is a great accomplishment. I vow to do better, not a lot better but maybe a little better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

80% off at Hobby Lobby

Sorry to Dave but I'm a slow learner, just don't get the concept of not spending any money. Especially at 80% off. Items are a little hard to see, but consist of large silver balls (about 8 of them) priced regular at 7.99 ea. A crown voltive candle holder, mercury like glass with purple insets, and a silver tinsel tree. The tree had candy canes on it but they pull off easily. Also about six silver icicles.

Also picked up some silver items at an auction this weekend along with a few other items. Example:

and this

this piano scarf is a favorite from a past auction

bought this picture today for 3.02, I've already painted the frame ivory which looks better but didn't take a picture of that.

sorry about the sideways post, I really thought you could rotate the pictures. Oh Well. Christie I loved the little Santa in the hammock, very cute. Thank-you

My ambition

I had two antique booths at local antique stores. One changed ownership and I no longer felt a part of things so I moved out, the other had a great owner. She actually knew who I was, unlike previous stores owner. She had a monthy newsletter for her booth owners with information on what was wanted and some educational items. unfortunatly her husband was transferred and she had to give up her store. So I became storeless. All the goods came home with me, and I'm still collecting. What I want to do is sell at Antique Shows. That seems logical, as I have a full time job and do not want a full time booth again. I can find great Antique Shows in Texas, and of course the Northwest area seems to have wonderful shows. I even saw some for Kansas and West Missouri near Kansas. Now I live 100 miles south of St louis in Southeast Missouri, where are the St Louis shows? Are they out there? I saw one called Missouri Heritage, which seemed to have high end furniture. They sold a bench for over a thousand dollars? I've had benches I've sold for 30.00 so I'm not in their league. Does anybody out there know of any shows I could sign up for?

Monday, January 5, 2009


I've decided I have too much brown in my house. As in wood furniture, everything is wood. I don't know why but all of a sudden this bothers me. Maybe cause it is winter and I need light, but I'm debating on what to change. And should I get rid of the red in the kitchen? Wait I can't cause I have red chairs, slipcovers maybe? I don't know. I'm thinking change is in the air.