Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Blues

I've been listening to the blues at work, and it suits my mood. Now I love the blues any time but when you've been stuck in a room without windows, it's cold outside, and there are pc's to fix all around you, the blues seem right. Ruth Brown, Honeyboy Edwards, buddy guy, BB, Bonnie Raitt, they are all here keeping me company.

I have the feeling I am suppose to have done something but I can't remember what that something is. It's a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I don't believe I've promised anything I haven't delivered. Mostly cause I don't promise things. Can I blame everything on the fact that it is January? The only good thing that has ever happened in January is the birth of Ian Christopher, and while that was very good, it happened at the beginning of January. So it could have been the leftover good times from December. After the first week, it is pretty much downhill from there. February is better, but for some reason March sucks. I think cause it should be starting to be nice out but usually isn't. I believe if I used this time to regroup, redecorate, well just plain keep busy, I wouldn't be in such a pissy mood. But that is not happening. Last weekend Mark was gone, I was at home and I hardly accomplished a thing. Unless watching Monk on USA is a great accomplishment. I vow to do better, not a lot better but maybe a little better.


Eudea-Mamia said...

My Mother calls it the March uglies - I think that sums up January and February as well.

Debbie said...

I do love me some Bonnnie Raitt. That girl can sing!
Thanks for stopping by and telling me about your cruise and your kids' college experiences. Don't be a stranger:)

Sharon~heartsongs said...

You are right. It's January and it's COLD. The holidays are over and now we wait for spring and until then, it will be our coldest weather. Makes it hard to want to get out and get things done.
I am trying to look at it as a good time to rest!
Take care.

Killjoy said...

And you will be here in one month! Everytime you come for a visit I have learned just a wee bit more about the area, so you're gonna have just a wee bit more fun than last time you were here.

Hang in there.