Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is it about the man and his ego? I work with two guys in an office. Now they are both nice guys, nothing obviously wrong with their mental capacities. But when confronted with the opposite sex, (I don't count, I'm grandfathered in) they honestly believe these women are hitting on them. Before I get too far into this let me draw you a mental picture. One skinny, one not. People, we are talking average computer nerds. And ok, I'm right in there with them but we are not talking about me are we?

But let these two walk into an office with some attractive girls, they really, really think "Hi, we are so glad to see you" means "I want you" and not the true "where have you jerks been my computer hasn't been working for hours" When I get through scoffing at them they have actually said when a female puts their hair behind their ears when talking to you, it means she like you. Holy Mother! I have to remind you these guys are not in grade school, although that is their maturity level most times. These guys think that waitresses are really coming on to them, and not just working for tips. They are to be pitied.

I have been a witness to people actually coming on to someone. And you are right it wasn't me, but a friend in the hospital's business office. She is pretty, and blonde, and bombshell. Once when I was walking with her, I mentioned how I must look pretty good today cause all these guys are turning their heads to get another look at us! She just said "what?" And seriously she never even notices. Once one of the directors keep looking back at her while walking and ran right into a telephone pole. I don't think the girl has ever had to open a door on her own. She is hit on all the time, and is going through life just thinking "aren't people nice?"

So conclusion: if you think people are sending subliminal come-ons to you, it probably just isn't so.


Deanna said...

I know what you are talking about sister! I work with some (come on, let's call 'um what they are mentally, little boys) and they absolutely think that the younger set are so attracted to them.

I have thirty-five employees and I recently had to give verbals to two of those boy's. What I cannot tolerate, are men who think that can say or do what they please and not think of how they appear to others. I had been watching these two for a month and I had noticed that they were not leaving a group of ladies (in their mid-twenties) alone during breaks and or during lunch. They really needed a brick to fall on their inflated heads. These ladies definately did not want their company. They must not know that when a woman rolls her eyes while you are speaking....you're out. The reason I did write them up was because one of the young ladies sincerely wanted them to stay away from her. She was very honest and said that they didn't do anything to suggest sexual advances or harrassment of any kind but that she just plain didn't like them. Well, to make this long winded story short, yesterday the two men sat together, alone during break time. I guess they got the message!

Deanna :)

Killjoy said...

Deb, you're so funny.