Sunday, October 19, 2008

A country Antique Auction.

We do not have an ocean nearby, nor a large theatre district or museums, but one thing we do have in Southeast Missouri is Auctions. Most weekends during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can find two or three Auctions. We travel into the countryside enjoying the view, and turn when you see the large amounts of trucks and cars parked in an empty field or on the sides of the road. When you walk up to the house, there on a few flat bed trailers is someones life spread out for all to pick over. Most people arrive early to look into boxes and scout the items to which they might bid. (awkward sentence, I was trying not to end with a prepositional "they will bid on") It is suggested to put a mental limit on your bid so you don't go over, but that doesn't always work. When you want an item, you catch the auctioneers eye or one of his helpers and from that point on a wink or a nod will up your bid. Newbies are the only people who make huge gestures, you should be able to be bidding and the person next to you won't realize you are the one raising the bid. After going to many auctions, you start to recognize the same people and you'll even pick up on what items they will bid on. And you know who the dealers are, and there are always dealers. The more dealers around will affect the price things go for, but remember they have to resale so they aren't the problem. The people you hate to have are lots of relatives, they take everything personal and they'll bid crazy on everything. If you find out there are lots of relatives, leave and go to another auction.

I've seen these phones at quite a few farm auctions and they usually go between 150 and 200, I think this one was about 160.

Not a lot of smalls, and that is why the auction was held on a Sunday. If there was a lot of glassware and depression glass, it would have gone a lot longer and been on Saturday.

I think the rocker went for about $15 and the trunk for about 35 or 40. If you notice I have the same trunk listed in the blog that I picked up for $10, so you never know.

Can you bleieve I dropped out of the bidding at $18 for these. But last time I got one of these it broke right away so I let her have it.

This wheelchair went for about $30

quilt tops only, they went for 20 to 30 dollars

no idea what this went for but it wasn't that much
I was bidding on this and dropped out at $19, I
planned on buying furniture and didn't have the room in the truck for much more.

my sister-in-law use to have these mushroom canisters, I hate them, I like her but hate them.
this is the house where the auction was held
this is the view from the front of the house. The place has been in the owners family since the ancestors arrived from Germany. They are not selling the place, a Uncle that lived there died this year, but they want to keep it in the family.
One of the best thing about auctions is talking to the people about the old places. Love that!

I paid the most for this, I won't say how much but I will tell you I spent right under $200 for all three pieces of furniture.
I bought this for $26 it is a lot like one I already have. You can see it on another post. I think I paid 150. or so for the other one, but it was in better shape. This is missing the mirror.
I bought this bed for $25, I'm thinking of painting it a cream color. Or just off white.
this is where we stopped to eat after the auction. Would you?


Killjoy said...

False. I don't think I would eat there. I love that bed. Auctions seem creepy and exciting all at the same time. That wheelchair was super creepy.

dlh said...

Killjoy, I love you, you always leave a comment.

Sandy Toes said...

What a dream!!! I love auctions like that...what a fun house to have it in!!! What a great day!

My mom has those metal chairs at her cottage in MI..she redid them..and they are Great!

What a fun blog!
-Sandy Toes

amhash said...

I like the wheelchair. You never know when one could come in handy.

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