Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

I went to this site and it proposes Tuesdays can be a day when you post about someone other than the fascinating me. I will tell a tale of my co worker, who is one of my best friends, ok..a workfriend but that is the only kind I've kept up with in life. (Another story) What the heck, he isn't one of my best friends, he's it. We've worked together for about seventeen years and he is like a younger brother. He is a people pleaser which drives me crazy but makes him a poplular fellow. Now we'll call him "Tim" he has been married for about I don't know 12-14 years. The girl he married has turned into a very unhappy person. She is a person that gets upset at the smallest thing, and just doesn't let it go, ever. Tom, I mean Tim is a joker, for example when his wife was getting stitched up after the birth of their first child he said to the dr. throw a couple of extra in there ok doc? Now granted not an appropriate time but 11 years later she is still mad. Well fast forward to Spring a couple of years ago, they aren't getting along, and he is drinking and gets into a bad wreck, now he has a bum leg. She went for a divorce but didn't go through with it, then she kicked him out during this Summer. On, & on, and who knows who is to blame, but he wanted back so Christmas she let him move back. Ok, why am I involved at all in someone elses marital problems? Well, #1 its kind of like a soap opera, and when he tells the stories they are funny and #2 our desks are butted up to each other so I'm like less than four feet away from him and about two feet away from his phone. So lately the wife has taken up yelling at him for a couple of hours when he is going to bed, I thought he was kind of crazy, and who just couldn't tell their spouse "enough, I have to work tomorrow, you're right, you're right about everything" So she calls him the next day to say she is sorry, and if he is not there she lets the phone ring about 30 times, till I get aggravated and pick up to tell her he is not here. Then she rings his cell which he leaves at his desk so the other guy that works here and I have to listen to that while she calls, and then calls again, and then again. Fun, huh?
Well the other day she calls, he tells her not now, I'm working and everyone is here close by. she hangs up then calls again in a fake friendly loud voice says " hi, are you having a great day? then other stuff, then she starts in on I'm sorry I yelled at you for so long last night (what do you know, he told it like it was) but you are not taking consideration of my feelings, and I'm trying to tell you with my words (yes, she actually said that) what I'm feeling, and my emotions have been .......................................................on, and on, for 30 minutes. Finally I started writing down what he should say to try to calm her down, and he read my lines and she would start in again. And I have got to tell you I was really trying to calm her down. I tried "ok, I know you are very upset, I'm sorry, we'll talk about it when I get home" "What can I do or say to make it better?" And other brilliant lines of B.S. and she just wouldn't shut up. Then I wrote for him to say " shut the f*** up you crazy b****. and fortunatly he held back. Finally, I yelled, hey the boss is coming our way, and she let it go.
So since its Tuesday I thought I would give you a glimpse into the life of someone other than myself, what do you think?


Deb said...

wow, it seems kind of sad that such a funny, nice guy is stuck with such an awful wife. i guess there are two sides to every story, but i do kind of recognize that type of woman.

interesting tribute! thanks for playing along!

Killjoy said...

Deb - you are a riot! If I had a job, I would want to work with someone like you. My husband sounds JUST LIKE his wife! Oh wait!... hahaha