Tuesday, March 24, 2009

George Clooney where are you?

George Clooney is in St Louis. I don't know what movie it is, but they are filming in St Louis. So the radio stations are playing "where in St Louis is George". I think that is kind of idiotic, why don't they leave those people alone. Now I've never seen a star up close, or far away for that matter. At least that I know of, cause I don't know who these new celebrities are now. Where are the Jimmy Stewarts, the John Waynes, the Paul Newmans? Oh sure Brad is cute in a Robert Redford kind of way, and I guess there are one or two more, but for the most part, eeechhh. Is ugly the new thing? And it is not like they are good actors, they pretty much play the same character over and over. I mean so did the DUKE but he had such presence. I think we need new stars, not just relatives of old stars. We need looks, and likabilty, and star quality. Even though George is just another relative, (Rosemary), he does have those three things going for him. Sooooo wait, I think I will keep an eye out when driving through St Louis. I'm sure he might just want to meet me.


Deanna said...

I agree with you on George. I'm not crazy over him but I think he generates that Old Hollywood Star quality.

Living here in San Antonio, we've seen our share of actors and actresses. I would never approach them nor do I stand and gawk at them. It's almost like a passing glance and you say, "Wow, that's Tommy Lee Jones or "gee, was that Lara Flynn Boyle" I met Alyssa Milano at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2000 when she stepped on my foot with her high heels. She couldn't apologize enough and offered me her autograph. I didn't even know how she was. Her friends laughed at me and she said "Bless you!"

We've seen Linda Ronstadt, we've run into Eva Longoria at the Shops at La Cantera ( she is very very nice to the public ) Sandra Bullock and her husband.
I just don't feel like I could ever approach them because I try to think how I would feel if a total stranger came up to me and was just fawning all over me. From what I've seen, I think that the majority of celebrities that we've seen are pretty accomodating to their fans. As for me, I'll just gaze at them from afar...LOL!

Deanna :D

dlh said...

Wow, you've seen some stars, that could be so cool. I'm usually so unaware of what is going on around me, I could step on their toes and not know who they were either. I have a daughter in law who seems to meet stars, and they talk to her. Of course she is a beautiful red head and that might make a difference. My youngest son's girlfriend who also lives in San Antonio, worked in a Cole Hann (not sure of the spelling) shoe store. George Strait would come in with his wife to buy shoes. But I'm like you and I just don't think I could bring myself to talk to anyone. Oh I forgot, my husband asked me to go to the car with him when we were staying at some hotel. I was too lazy to go, and he was alone in the elevator and two of the beach boys got in with him. Mark said hi, enjoyed your show. And they talked about where they were going and stuff, really nice. And I missed it!! One thing I would really like to do is have my camera and if I saw some star, ask them if they would take a picture. If they said yes, hand them the camera and ask them to take a picture of me! Then just walk away. I live for that.

Killjoy said...

I had a friend see him the other morning. I guess he's shooting in Maplewood this week. Go visit!

Killjoy said...

And we stood behind Tommy Lee from Motley Crue when we were in LAX and he looked so dirty! I made Claire step back and stand closer to me so she didn't catch anything that may have jumped off him like a flea or something. Gross!