Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas decorations at our house

this is the first year ever that I haven't spent a lot of time decorating and preparing for Christmas. Making gifts? No Making cookies? No Five Christmas trees? No. But I did drag out a few items that I can share.
Can you see the Merry Christmas? That was made last year by my talented daughter-in-law

One guess what my husband does for a living.

yes that is a pink Christmas tree.

I will change this, but I don't want to drag out anymore Christmas stuff. Oh well, no one is coming over for Christmas so it can just stay. And yes someday I will finish the tile around the fireplace, but Mark wants to change the fireplace out for a vented one. Oh boy!

My favorite Christmas decoration is the ceramic santa given to me by my mom many years ago.
things on my table. Clocks and little girl bought at an auction this fall.

Snowman is lit up! There you have it, I'm almost ashamed to post any of these with the beautiful postings I have visited. Maybe next year.


Killjoy said...

I love it. Every little bit helps with the homesickness.

dlh said...

well the temp here is 12 and the wind is vicious so that should help too. love Deb

Maison Douce said...

Deb, you have truly lovely Christmas accents throughout your home....!! Don't worry, I don't even take pictures of mine because I don't have anything other than the tree, that's it!!! Not much for Christmas spirit, this year... Have a very merry Christmas!

Chris said...

MY dad retired from the fire department. It's a hard and at times a dangerous job that I don't think most people realize. I love that christmas fireman!!

Rhonda said...

Is your house full of fireman crap too? Someone just gave my husband a huge plastic fire truck. Seriously. What the heck are we supposed to do with THAT??? And he wants to move my late dogs ashes off of his shelf so that he can put a fire truck up there. I think not. lol

dlh said...

We use to have a lot of fire crap everywhere, but now it's all in rubbermaid containers in the basement. Just a few items on shelves in a spare bedroom. My son is also a fireman so we at least have an heir apparent.