Monday, December 29, 2008


The weekend after Christmas day the decorations went down. The trees are packed away and the room is back to normal status. I love the decorations and usually wait until the weekend after the new year to take everything down. This year I couldn't wait to pack it all up.

One of my favorite gifts this year was a picture of my Mom & Dad. Christie, Ians hair just might have come from our side of the family! Mom was still in her teens here and I believe my Dad was about 11 years older than her.


Killjoy said...

I tell everyone that Ian gets his hair from his dad's side, no one believes me! I love the pictures. And we took our decorations down yesterday. I miss them, the house is so full and warm when they are up, but I wanted to go into this new year fresh and new.

Chris said...

Seeing the picture of your parents reminds me of the one my mom has on her bedroom dresser at about the same age. I can only imagine all the memories they must hold for them. Thanks for sharing.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I agree! For some reason this year I, too, was more than ready to pack up the holiday decor. And in our case, it even went up late, so we really didn't enjoy it for long at all. But, its all good and now I've got a "clean slate" and new year to which is say "Let's Roll!" :)

Love the picture of your folks! I have old ones of my parents, too, and I really, really treasure them! Didn't everyone seem to look so glamorous back then?? :)

Happy New Year!!

hash said...

no new updates? has nothing happened in your life of any interest? any trips or anything?