Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our December Cruise

This is Roatan, Honduras. The poverty is always there, but things seem to be getting better.
Of course the riches are also there, this is the mayors house.

The wildlife abundant.

And oh my gosh, the views were beautiful.

This is the west end where Mark went diving and we both snorkeled.

Snorkeling, and the water was so clear. The coral is right there, really great snorkeling.

One of these are Mark.

Can you just see how peaceful and beautiful? This is Belize, or an island right off of Belize City, so pretty! Then we went to Cozumel and it was a little cold, maybe in the 70's so we didn't snorkel, at least I didn't, but Mark dove off the side of a street into the ocean and played. I wasn't with him so I didn't get pictures. A storm was coming and the sea was rater rough, I went back to the boat. We couldn't tender off of Bermuda, so the ship's next stop was Key West.

I thought this was a good picture, I liked the bricks and the painters pallette with the almost started pictures. I snapped a shot of it and the artist yelled at me for taking the picture. Really? What the hell was he afraid of? It was on a public sidewalk and the pallette is more interesting than the picture.

I was taking pictures of everything that caught my eye, like the brick sidewalk on the way to the southern most point of the United States.

Peoples houses that caught my eye.
Mark by a cool door.
And because he was such an ass, the finished pictures of the artist. Does he think I'll go home and mass produce his oh so very original art? A beach chair on the beach, and an island on the ocean, you're breaking new ground there Da Vinci!!!! So go ahead and copy these if you feel the need, I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Another beautiful house on key west.

And one for Sale. As a matter of fact almost every other house was for sale. I'm thinkin times aren't so good on the Keys.

But the houses are really nice, and old.

The views are good

The locals are a little odd. Can you tell where these dogs are pearched?
That's right, the roof. I couldn't see how they got up there, but they seem content.

Closer to Key Largo the guys are kiteboarding.

I'm thinking this is the next thing Mark tries.

A nice path.

Mark Kayaking on our last day.

I thought these Kayaks looked like a bunch of bannanas So that's it, we had fun but its good to be back home. Kind of hard to get back into Christmas mode though. Maybe by the weekend.


Jill Scott said...

I loved looking at your pics. Boy, you'll teach that artist to yell at you, huh? No one is going to want his art now that it's all over the internet! The pictures of the dogs on the roof were cute.

Killjoy said...

So nice. It's almost as if we were on vacation with you. I'm inspired to take more photos now.