Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I found these clear dry erase boards at our local everything for a dollar store

Using MSword 7, printed out the lettering I wanted.
I am inspired to use print from my daughter-in-law Christie who does such beautiful word art. MSword 7 is nice because you can inlarge the print infinitaly instead of earlier versions where 72 seemed to be the largest print.

tape to hanging side to trace.

finished project

This all cost me $3.00. That is right $1.00 a piece. Of course I went back to the store and bought more, and other stuff so I spent about $50.00. Its a compulsion.


Killjoy said...

Hey! I like those! How big are they? I think I need some of those.

dlh said...

I'll 11 X 18, I bought 17 more. how crazy is that. I was thinking about maybe some Christmas saying. Like I BELIEVE and such. Do you need me to send you some? they came 4 to a box I'll send you a box.

Killjoy said...

Right on!

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Great idea. My daughter would love those.