Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Went to another auction, spent over 300.00 and picked up some more furniture. I really am planning on selling some of this stuff, I swear Mark. I'll post pictures later. Right now I am busy at work setting up pc's, BORING.

My partner in crime and I were delivering pc's yesterday and we happened by the hospital's counselor's office. I guess nurses go to her with their problems, personal and work related regarding personalities and such. Her door was kind of open so I went in followed by Tom. I sat down and she said "do you have a problem?" I answered "how would you feel about that?"
counselor "I don't know"
me "and how do you feel about that?"
counselor "I am not sure"
me "well, never explain, never complain"
counselor " I'm thinking of retiring and I'm going to reccommend you for my job"
me "I'm glad we had this talk"
counselor "will you be able to work with people's problems?"
me "all you need are three little phrases, it would be a cakewalk"
counselor "tell me"
me "No. 1 (from the Captain) Suck it up, buttercup, No. 2 never explain, never complain..."
counselor "I don't really understand that one"
me "well, I'm not explaining, so don't complain"
counselor "understood, what's the third one?"
me "get the hell out of my office you whiney, complaining, baby.
counselor "you're hired"

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