Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is closing in. I thought we might have had more people down for the meal, but as it turns out we are just having Craig, Nell, kids, Aaron, Tammy, Abbey and Mark and I. So what is all that food for, ridiculous. I wish I could borrow G.M. or Ford or the other broke car maker's private jet and run around this country picking up my other Hasheiders. A fast trip to San Clemente, then down to Loredo, and back home. I will start cooking tomorrow night, and finish up Thursday morning, and then clean up, give away all food left and Friday morning we leave for Texas! We will meet #4 son in San Antonio, where we will be staying at the RiverWalk. Well in a hotel at the RiverWalk. They have the Christmas lighting this weekend so that should be pretty. I'll post some pics. Also shopping at the Outlet Mall. Drive back home Monday morning, and wait till next Sunday when we are leaving for Roatan, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel and Bahamas and Key West. Another cruise which will get in the following Sunday, the 14th and we'll drive down to Key West so Mark can dive once more. The only thing that would make this trip even better would be if I could wear a swimsuit in public. But you can't have everything. Pictures to follow. And by pictures, I do not mean of me.

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