Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Knead Bread

So I was reading about this no knead bread the other day, and since I have no other half finished projects around the house, (ha) I thought I would give it a try. Now the thing about this bread is it is suppose to be easy and so tasty. So off to the store to buy better flour than what I have at home, and yeast, that's it, the ingrediant list only has salt added to that. "This is easy"

After a second trip to the store cause I didn't look at the ingrediants close enough, I got the instant yeast which is also disguised as bread machine yeast.

I mixed the bread, easy peezy, and set it away to rise. "It needs to be warm to rise?" Since we don't turn on the heat until November or the tempreture reaches 25 degrees outside, thank-you Mark, where do I put this bowl? I have a gas stove I'll put it in there. Next morning look at bowl, didn't rise much. I was informed there is no piliot light on stoves anymore, all electronic ignitions. Oh well, I will put it in the window and it will be warmed by sunlight. Set up a table by the window. Go to work.

Wait, the bread is suppose to be cooked in a ceramic pot. Go to Kohls, go to Walmart (the most expensive), go to Macy's, wind up at Tuesdays morning bought a corningware ceramic pot, 31.94 with tax. Take it home, fold the bread up to rise yet again, read directions again, bought the wrong size pot, must take back tomorrow. Look for old dutch oven I use to have somewhere........ find it but no lid, will a glass lid on a metal pot crack in 500 degree oven? Go back to work, come home bake bread. Clean flour from every possible surface in kitchen, have husband pick up chinese. I can't cook dinner, I'm making bread.

After dinner, bread is finally done. Looks great, smells good, read directions again. Takes 2 hours to cool? Are they crazy? I have to fast tonight cause my physical is tomorrow morning, cut bread after 45 minutes. Kind of hard to cut, rather crusty. But I cut two pieces, spread with that yogurt stuff that disguises itself as butter, and bit in to the.... well just not good. Crust is hard to chew and inside was shall I say a little gummy with a yeasty flavor. It was crap, total crap. But luckily it was easy so not much time wasted.


Killjoy said...

You're hilarious. Send me the recipe, I want to give it a whirl.

ever changing said...

ha ha ha ha .... I am glad you at least gave it a try. I am so reluctant and so lazy that I don't even bother trying these things....