Thursday, April 30, 2009

advice column

When I was younger I could never decide on which direction I should go to for a career. I thought I should have one, but which one? What are my talents, likes, dislikes. At eighteen I didn't know, during my 20's I didn't know, or 30's or 40's . But I think I know now. In my middle 50's, which is great cause it's a little late to go there now. I once told my husband I was glad I was turning 50 cause it was too late to worry about what I wanted to do with my life. He said it was never to late to become whatever I wanted, what would I want to do? I said be a ballerina. So he said "too late". Anyway I should have had an advice column. I could have been Dr Deb. That would have been great. Or a magazine editor, wouldn't that be an adventure? It would so fit me, I love magazines, and I can spot an error in printing or english with the best of them. I think I should have used the fact that I'm so opinionated to make a fortune instead of giving those opinions away for free to an ungrateful public. Next Life.


Killjoy said...

Or a very grateful daughter-in-law; even if I don't always listen.

Kathy said...

My husband and I are still laughing!!! I say go for the Ballerina Dream girl! I loved your take on all that. Thank You for visiting my blog, it lead me to you...Your sweet grandaughter playing dress-up...Priceless! Mr. Wonderful and I were married the same year you were...We are VERY young arn't we? Ha! Please stop by again, I'll leave the light on for ya! xoxo~Kathy~@