Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekends go by so fast

I'm playing with this arrangement on the wall, I want to put some saying on the side of the clock. I just don't know what. how about "Tempus omnia sed memorias privat" Time deprives all but memories, in latin. Or "Carpe Diem" or Chicago's "does anyone really know what time it is? "Time flies when you're having fun!" Any votes out there?
Wall has been repainted, and picture put up. I went with the three up, and over. Kind of a pain, but I like it. Thank-you Mark

We babysat Saturday and Sunday, the kids were great for the most part. I stapled some leftover material from a wedding on the old dressing table. The grand saw it and claimed it for her own. Three years old and she spent two hours arranging, playing, and make-uping in the back bedroom. She would have stayed longer but the aroma of my new bottle of "romance" cologne permeated the air. We moved to the kitchen to make cupcakes. If I was a very bad model of hats, I will show you a good one. Audrey tried on all the hats and was camping up a little. She picked the purple flower one for her own. Hope everyone has a great week, and spring is really here.

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