Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday's Auction

Lots of stuff at this auction, but why have it on a Tuesday? I do not know,
I know I couldn't stay for the whole thing. But I will show you what I got a little later. A few of these items wound up being mine. I went through at the beginning and took some pictures, sorry some are a little blurry. I couldn't use the flash and didn't know if I was going to be told not to take the pictures. but I have found out in life if you do things with confidence, like you were suppose to be doing it, people think you were suppose to be doing whatever it is you are doing.

50's ladies hats (mine)
a "signed" Beatles picture, I am way too much of cynic, but it went for about $12.00
Luggage, couldn't wait for this
Depression glass. went fairly cheap, but I have too much of this now
jewelry, sold each piece separately, I hate that
Sewing box, (mine now)
old bedboard lamps, pink is mine
Kennedy pictures, went for under $20.00 probably a good deal. I'll post more tonight.


Anonymous said...

can I go with you next time you go to an auction? I need a mentor.

Killjoy said...

Listen, I'm bringing the (trash) bin with me when I visit, so chill out on the auctions! (Unless you get cool 50s hats - did you find one for me?)

dlh said...

I can't help it, I'm an addict. And sure, you can have any of the hats you want except the purple flower one cause Aud has dibs on that one.