Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just don't get it

I don't get toddler beauty pagents, I don't understand Nicolas Cage movies, or why anyone would think he was attractive, but most of all I do not get Twitter or Facebook. Or texting, I just don't. Why communicate in short sentences and with no thought or rambling? I thought blogging would keep people abreast of what was happening in the life and times of me. Ok, so most of the time that would be "hey, nothing new here", but every once in a while I may have something to say that is worth knowing. Not today but maybe some day. How about this.......hey relatives, would it kill you to hit the comment button once, just to say hi, or something?
Anyway, we've had some bad news, my DIL's stepmom died in her sleep last night. And she was younger than I am. I know that is not what I should be focusing on right now, but still it makes you think. Anyway Joette was a very nice lady, and a great grandma to my grandchildren. She lived in Tucson, Az but flew in to stay with my son & doughter in law for a week at a time a couple of times. She babysat the kids and totally loved being with them. She was even tempered, and sweet. I am so sorry that the kids have lost someone that loved them so much, they will not know what they are missing. I hope we can keep her alive in their hearts cause in this world the people that love you unconditionally are few and far between.


Deanna said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Joette sounds like she must have been well loved by your family. Her stay on earth was brief but her kindness and love will remain forever.


Killjoy said...

Yeah, it always hurts to know that even though you may not have been close to them, knowing that they were family or loved by someone you love, it just hurts. I'm thinking about my midwest Hash Clan.

Killjoy said...

And facebook is fun because I found my 2nd grade BFF on it! I mean, I don't really care, but I did always wonder about her. She turned out to be some weird dog person. Figures.