Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its Thursday, and it should be Friday

So this picture was quite a while ago.

I have soooo many PC's to set up and install. How can we keep getting all these pc's? I think we now have three for every employee. This is not the most creative job in the world, but luckily I can listen to the music I want and play on the internet while still setting up pc's. There is always a wait time for the pc's to connect to everything. I love looking at Rate my Space, and have even taken pictures of my house for them. But I don't ever post them cause I don't want people I don't even know to rag on me. I know I have clutter, it is a disease I have not been able to overcome as yet.


Killjoy said...

At least now I know where Ian gets his long ET-like arms! Hooooommmmeeeeee.

dlh said...

B was a little lanky. But what cute kids.