Monday, September 29, 2008

September is almost gone. We are moving our office at work, yet again. There are two of us working here and they keep moving us around this dang hospital, like we were puppets. No more like they don't care about us at all, which is true. I wouldn't mind moving but we have to move all the equipment ourselves, and there is a lot of equipment. Right now we have mountains of pc's and monitors in the office. Not Fun!

I took pictures of my yard which I am just now happy with the layout. Mark put edging around the flower bed which has made all the difference. I will have to put in more plants but the best thing about the Fall is that it can all wait till the spring. I know if I was putting in bushes that would be better now so I guess I'll look into that. How many azeala's can you put in one yard anyway before it is too many? I will post the pictures maybe this afternoon.

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Janet said...


When I first read your comment today, I took it quite literally and wondered where I might have known you from. I couldn't make a connection and then I saw your Living Room and had to laugh. There is *my* paint color and *my* fireplace. Mine is shaped like yours too, with the deeper top. I used to have the doors and got rid of them a couple of years ago because they were so brass and not in a good way! I am priming the fp now and those bricks have got so much texture and surface area that I may never get them done.

I love all mysteries too. I was adopted as an infant...maybe we are long lost sisters, lol.