Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vintage cloth

the time has come to start using all the material I have been collecting forever. I have stacks. They did not start out as vintage cloth but they now qualify as vintage. I have tried to start working on the many antiques I have in the basement, but that is slow going. I saw a mirror in trash pickup that would have probably worked for one piece. I really meant to go back to get it, but as with most things out of site, out of mind. So I am a little mad at myself, and will try to get together more vintage items to post. Here are some of the pieces we have upstairs now.


Anonymous said...

great antiques

Anonymous said...

hey deb, show the rest of your house. I hear it looks really good.

ever changing said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Actually you were right about painting that armoire, I do think I should paint it but after your suggestion I am kind of scared to paint it gray..... but I do not want to paint it white! So, I guess I'll think about it and will post a pic when I do get to painting it.
By the way, you have some great furniture pieces! I am going through your blog and I am sure I'll visit you again to read the rest of it.

Killjoy said...

Deb, you're doing great with keeping up the blog - better than I am for sure. I'll have to work on that.