Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, twice I visited a blog and they visited back. Very Cool. I can see where this would be fun. Hi Christie!!!! I wish you guys lived closer, we could hang out more. Guess what, Zach was shot at today. For anyone reading this my son is with the border patrol. And he is not hurt and I'm pretty sure he'll want to tell his brothers all about it.

The drug smuggling and gang violence isn't reported very much, I guess it is not politically correct, but I think people should be more aware. Anyway, Zach and his partner were on their usual patrol, and they were fired on with six rounds. Thank God neither of them were hit. I don't know much more, the phone connection was pretty bad. What he was complaining about was he had to get a lawyer to go over his paperwork on the incident.


Killjoy said...

Heard about Zach - scary! So glad he's alright.

dlh said...

Hi C, yes it was, but when we told your Husband that Zach called cause he was shot at, B said "oh, were we suppose to call when we get shot at? I owe you some phone calls" I should have let them play with guns when they were little, it may have worked out of their system.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

That's so scary! Glad he's ok!